New Adult Game
Streaming experience

The new Adult Game
Streaming experience

Plexstorm is the new era of adult game streaming and the world first who provide a high quality adult game streaming experience. With our talented team, we provide game developers, gamers, cam models, pornstars and adult movie studios a worldwide marketing and distribution platform that offers a fair streaming service of their products to the market.

Plexstorm — a revolution in the Adult Game Streaming

We developed an unique gamification tool to interact with the platform, its like you play a game. Every action you make on Plexstorm gives you experience points, short XPs, you need this XPs to level up your profile. Depend on your level, you will get nice gifts, discounts and high reach promotions on the whole Plexstorm Network.

The gamification tool makes us to a gaming site, where adult content is allowed but not required at all. You can stream gameplays without show adult content and also show adult content without any gameplays but with a relation to anything nerdy, geeky and gaming. Except from these requirements are the adult movie studios, where the live streaming is focused on gamification for the users.

We bring the best adult streams
to our lovely community

Why streaming on Plexstorm?

It's very fun, professional and represents a new social network to connect with fans over a shared love of erotic and games. Many Streamers can make a living on Plexstorm based solely on how they entertain and interact with their audiences.

Why are people watching?

People enjoy watching streamers who are highly skilled or extremely entertaining when it involves a shared interest, especially in the adult and gaming section. Plexstorm is more than an unique experience; it’s a social interaction, live video with audio and chat to enable streamers and their audiences to interact in realtime about everything from erotic and gaming to life in general.

What can you watch and stream?

Games Every game and game genre will be on Plexstorm!

User generated Content created by community members, an unique feature like live-polls during adult movie productions, or gaming built with chat-driven gameplay.

Publishers/Dev Every adult game developer and video game publisher/developer can have a channel.

Creative Plexstorm allows streamers to showcase whether it’s game or movie related fan art, game developments, cosplay, painting, drawing, or other projects with the adult and game aspect.

Payouts on Plexstorm

1 = $ 0.05 cents

1 Tip = 5 = $ 0.25 cents

50 = $ 2.50

500 = $ 25